In the last 11yrs we have built over 60 homes, a majority of which are custom designs brought to us by home owners. Our method of scribing creates a structurally sound, functional and beautiful authentic log home.

The process begins with the selection of mature Red Pine Trees, native to Michigan. The logs, once on site, are peeled with high pressure water to preserve the natural character and ingenuity of each log.

Each log is hand picked for proper placement in the home. The log is then scribed to fit perfectly to the logs below. The scribing process is seen to the right. Grooves are then ruff cut with a chainsaw. Then the groove is precisely chiseled to create a tight fit. Once the log fits just right, the process begins again.

A log stairway comes standard with every home. It is also handcrafted using the same technique. As seen to the left, each stair tread is scribed to fit stringers creating a solid functional stairway.


A majority of our homes are custom built from plans created by our customers. Set up an appointment today to tour our model log home and to talk with us about your new home.

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